The science and technology industry, in all likelihood, will become the new engine driving global economic development in the next decade. The science and technology industry can nurture new industries, optimise traditional industries, increase jobs and improve people's living standards. At the same time, the technology sector is also an industry conducive to the healthy development of the capital market and investor returns. As an investor, we must seize the opportunity at this historic moment, and it is the right and wise choice to select those quality technology companies with prospect, potential, competitiveness, growth and innovation for investment! The development of technology companies is equally full of hardships and risks. If you want to survive in this cruel world and win the victory and glory, (we) choose the future technology companies must have the following conditions:
You can see that our investment in cutting-edge technology is substantial, including AI robotics, big data analytics, healthcare and AR/VR are all hotspots that the company is chasing with its investment.
One is to uphold the spirit of innovation; Two, embracing the concept of change; Three, maintaining an agile mindset; Four, establishing a culture of co-operation; Fifth, focusing on social responsibility.
From this perspective, investing in technology companies holds great promise.
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