We are currently investing in the financial sector primarily in startups low valuation equities, high growth bond funds, financial payments companies and web3 digital economy.
The global financial market is facing the problem of "difficult and expensive financing", and governments and regulators around the world have introduced policies to support financial development, including measures to ease access to financial markets and support innovative financial products. Such adjustments will provide a healthier ground for the development of the financial industry. The financial industry itself is highly complex and innovative, and through innovative financial products and services, it can meet the needs of different customers and promote the development and experience of the industry. At the same time, new financial technology companies continue to emerge and rise, and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of financial services, but also for our investment has brought a high-quality "product" investment targets! It is worth noting that with the rise of Internet finance and technological advances, the financial industry is gradually moving towards the direction of digitalisation and intelligence, which will also bring more opportunities and challenges. In the future, we can only continue to innovate, focus on risk control, sustainable development, in order to be invincible in the trillion-dollar financial market.
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