Our Investment Strategy

We leverage investment capital to drive innovation and drive accelerated and enhanced business outcomes across our businesses and portfolio companies.
Our investment focus is on the core data, analytics and technology capabilities that underpin key growth pillars across the firm: we combine data, technology, capital and expertise to unlock the world's broadest range of insights across markets and industries.
Everything we do is underpinned by integrity, injecting a spirit of discovery into our work and working closely with each other, our portfolio and our customers to achieve shared goals.
You can see that our investment in cutting-edge technology is substantial, including AI robotics, big data analytics, healthcare, and AR/VR are all hotspots that the company is chasing with its investment.
Where do we invest?
We are currently investing in the financial sector primarily in startups low valuation equities, high growth bond funds, financial payments companies and web3 digital economy.
With the end of the epidemic and the recovery of global consumption, quality companies in e-commerce (cross-border e-commerce, entertainment e-commerce), cultural and creative, and tourism are our focus in the consumer investment space.
How and when do we invest?
Investment Stage:
Early to small growth stage companies with proven products and a focus on key customer needs.

Investment Size:
A small number of investment targets based on investment stage, typically up to $1 million, with the flexibility to invest more.
What do we do with our portfolio?
We have the ability to operate globally, and the company can bring the breadth and depth of Global's product offering and deep domain expertise to help it continue to grow.
Our portfolios are created through our commercial agreements in conjunction with our own extensive analytical database.
Standard & Poor's can provide our portfolio partners with access to our data and commercial channels.
But remember:
Profits derived from a portfolio are not spontaneous and need to be renewed in a continuous stream. A catalyst is needed to kick-start any results. Information, imagination, talent, capital, technology - the right combination can unleash powerful effects and enhance the progress of our investments.
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