The future of Web3 is worth keeping our fingers crossed for!
Web3 is a decentralised network ecosystem based on blockchain technology, with a wide range of application areas, and is leading a new round of technological revolution. The bonus period of mobile Internet Web2 has entered the end, and the next 10-20 years will be the golden period of Web3 development. Entrepreneurs need to deeply understand the various possibilities emerging in the window period in order to comfortably understand the mega-trend of the future Web3 era. More and more enterprises are starting to layout Web3 to gain more market opportunities and improve competitiveness. Horizon is also increasing its efforts in R&D and investment in Web3 technology to develop blockchain technology application solutions that suit its business needs, including:
Financial digitisation
Asset uplinking
DAO Organisational Management
We have been applying the technology in accordance with our own facts, and by combining Horizon's actual needs with comprehensive and targeted Web3 layout, we can obtain more market opportunities and improve competitiveness, so as to realise the sustainable development of the enterprise. In this process, Horizon needs to maintain a keen market sense, keep up with industry trends, and continue to innovate and optimise to ensure success in the Web3 field and become a leader in future financial innovation!
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